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Learn how to create pool in 3D studio
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Pool materials

3. Materials

Open Material editor and select first slot. Go to little square and choose Bitmap.

Tutorial Pool materials 1

Choose some texture and apply material to pool. Tile it for 10 times.

Tutorial Pool materials 2

Now it is time to make material for water. Select another slot and open Standard button. Open raytraced_2.mtl library and select Water material.

Tutorial Pool materials 3

Close Material editor. Make one new plane that will act water and place it in pool. Set Length Segs to 128 and Width Segs to 128.

Tutorial Pool materials 4

Move this plane for a little and assign to him Displace modifier.

Tutorial Pool materials 5

Set Strength to 2 and open Material Editor.

Tutorial Pool materials 6

Open Raytrace Basic Parameters by hitting little plus. Drag Mix material for bump to Map in Displace parameters. Click Copy and say OK.

Tutorial Pool materials 7

Assign Water material to plane and close Material editor.

Tutorial Pool materials 8

3. Rendering

Go to Rendering>Render. Go to Indirect Illumination and activate Final Gather and Global Illumination option.

Tutorial Pool materials 9

Go to Environment and set Background color to white.

Tutorial Pool materials 10

Now hit F9 to render and see result.

Tutorial Pool materials 11

In this tutorial you learned how to make pool with realistic water. There is many more way to create water - but this is the fastest.

Thats all.

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