Added: 21 August, 2007
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Create shadow in Photoshop
Author: John
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Create shadow

Check out this tutorial and learn how to make a shadow of ant possible object. Get under a few directions like defining brightness, manage the toolbox and the rest is up to you.

Tutorial Create shadow 1

Adding Drop Shadow Tutorial
Made with Photoshop CS3 but can definitely be done on other versions too. The only function that I can think of right now that wouldn’t be compatible would be Edit > Transform > Distort. If you have that, you’re all set for this tutorial.

Step 1. Pick background and object.


Tutorial Create shadow 2

Well I got it, but it ain’t too pretty…


Tutorial Create shadow 3

Yay! Domokun, that weird Japanese dude.

Step 2. Duplicate layer.

Tutorial Create shadow 4

Step 3. Make it completely black. Press “Ctrl + U” and then put the brightness all the way to -100.

Tutorial Create shadow 5

Step 4. Apply a Gaussian Blur of around 7 px. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur….

Tutorial Create shadow 6

Step 5. Place the shadow below your object but above your background. Then go to Edit > Transform > Distort. Play around with the handles until it looks just right.

Tutorial Create shadow 7

Step 6. Now lower your opacity to something like 50%.


Tutorial Create shadow 1

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