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Drawing a Lamp Tutorial done in Photoshop
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Drawing a lamp

Drawing a lamp in Photoshop has never been easier. In this tutorial, all three steps of a lamp making process are now more comprehensive than ever. From drawing separate pieces to putting it together.

Made with Photoshop CS3 but the techniques used here are compatible with previous versions of Photoshop. Namely Photoshop 7 and 8.

Step 1. New Document (of course).

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 1

Step 2. Make the background white so that we can have a better workspace to work on. Sometimes the white/black/gray/whatever background makes it hard to view things.

New layer, then press “D” for standard black and white (foreground and background). Then “X” to switch the foreground and background, and finally, “Alt + Backspace” so that it fills the whole canvas with white.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 2

Step 3. Create a new layer and here is a brief sketch of what the lamp should look like. This step is crucial in creating your own graphics as you should always have in mind what you are planning on creating. Have a plan!

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 3

Step 4. Let’s start off with the lower part. Using the Lasso Tool, make a selection like such:

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 4

Fill with black.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 5

Duplicate then using the Free Transform Tool (“Ctrl + T”), enter “-100%” into the “Width:” section.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 5

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 7

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 8

Step 5. Now it’s time to evaluate. The lamp shape at the top looks too small. Let’s use the Distort Transform tool to correct this. Edit > Transform > Distort.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 9

Now, the thing is, we can make the same transform to the other side or simply duplicate it and then reverse the width. I’m going to go with just duplicating the left side.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 10

Merge the layers (“Ctrl + E”).
Next, I’m going to cut the top to make room for the oval-ish shape for the top of it.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 11

Making a marquee selection as perfect as that isn’t likely on your first try so to edit the marquee, go to Select > Transform Selection.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 12

Then, fill it with black.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 13

Step 6. Now for that light bulb.

New layer and then a marquee selection:

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 14

Fill with any old gray-ish color.

With the main lamp layer selected, Ctrl+Click on the main lamp layer, then while holding down “Alt + Ctrl”, click on the layer we just created (gray). Now press “Ctrl + Shift + I” to invert the selection and then press “Del”.

There, now rearrange the layers so that the gray layer is below the lamp main layer.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 15

Create a layer in between the two other layers.

Tutorial Drawing a lamp 16

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