Added: 12 March, 2008
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How to disable autorun in Windows XP
Author: Alex
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How to disable autorun in Windows XP

Autoplay option in Windows XP can be so annoying. Especially if you want to manipulate with files from some other file manager instead default Windows Explorer. Here is tutorial how to disable autoplay function in Windows XP.

In older versions of Windows OS system auto played just the CDs that had autoplay.ini file in their root directory. However Windows XP came with default option to autoplay all CD you insert into optical drive.

Sometimes it is good to disable the default autoplay option so you can skip unnecessary clicks and access files on the CD faster.

One way to disable autoplay is to hold SHIFT key while inserting CD into drive. Try it. CD won't auto play.

For those of you wannabe hacker here is little registry tweak that will disable autorun option:

1. Go to Start - Run
2. Enter regedit and OK
3. In Windows Registry editor navigate to
4. Search for "NoDriveTypeAutoRun" key
5. Set its value to 185

From now on all autoplays will be disabled.

That's all.

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